Gluten Free Rice Balls

Gluten Free


2 cups cooked white rice and cooled
1/2 cup (but runneth over) grated pecorino romano locatelli italian cheese
2 organic large eggs
10 small cubes fresh mozzarella (depending on how big you like your balls, could be more or less)
1 cup gluten free italian style breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon fresh diced flat leaf parsley
extra virgin olive oil, for frying


Place frying pan over medium heat and add enough extra virgin olive oil to rise 2-3 inches in the pan.
Combine the cooked rice, grated cheese, diced parsley and 1 egg in a bowl and use your hands to thoroughly combine the mixture. So messy. . sticky hands.
Form each ball by taking a small portion of the mixture, squeezing it firmly and then stuffing a piece of fresh mozzarella inside each ball. It's important to squeeze them tightly and make sure they are secure. . . or they will start to fall apart during frying.
Whisk the remaining egg and dip each ball into the egg and then into the breadcrumbs. . . shaking off any excess.
Once the oil is nice and hot, add 4 to 5 of the breaded balls to the pan and fry for just a few minutes while rotating them till golden brown (or your desired crispiness) and cooked throughout. If you are working with a smaller frying pan only fry 3 to 4 as you need room to maneuver and turn them. Clearly you can see we like them crispy so I leave mine a little longer.
Use a slotted spoon to remove them from the pan (helps the excess oil drain back in) transfer to a paper towel lined plate. . . repeat till you are done.

Serve the rice balls warm. . . .some even enjoy with a side of warm marinara sauce to dip.


This recipe yields 10 gluten free rice balls or for you fancier followers arancini.
You can also use grated parmesan cheese if that is what you have on hand and are used to. I do not salt mine after cooking because the italian cheese I use is salty enough for us. . . if you would like to add some, do it while they are hot.
Sticky rice is easier to work with. . . so if you are cooking your own rice adjust slightly for a more glutinous rice. . .(soaking the rice in the water before cooking on the stove top helps also).  Or you can just pick some up from your favorite local sushi restaurant already cooked and ready to go.