About Me


I am a busy mom of three who tries to find the right balance on a daily basis living in the Hamptons. I am committed to cooking for my family nearly every night of the week. Everything I cook is based on how my family likes to eat, with my husband's tastes on the forefront. #andthatsjustthewayitis

When I'm not in the kitchen, or buried under the never-ending pile of laundry that a family of five generates, I'm usually driving my children somewhere. I love to read, workout (I want to hate exercise a little less but...it.never.goes.away.why) and travel with my family. I have also been known to double-park at school pick up. #justsayin

I like to have a recipe, but I can also be inspired by a picture of something someone has made and then put my own spin on it. Usually, that means making it gluten free for my daughter who has Celiac Disease. I love to cook and you will find some of my recipes under jenn rizzo which is also where you will find me eating my way through Instagram. I have a voracious appetite and I am constantly thinking about my next meal. #alwayshungry

where did the name come from?

Typically, when I like a food photo the first thought that enters my mind is "I would like to cook it!" Instagram has a huge momentum and I want to find a way to organically syndicate all these amazing food bloggers and their creations. #liketocookit

A whole new generation of cooking bloggers and food enthusiasts have taken to blogging and there is an overwhelming amount of food blog content available these days. It's hard to get around to all these amazing blogs posting delicious food and creative ideas. So my hope is that by sharing several recipes and showcasing their unique style it will intrigue the viewer to click on their link directing you to their site so you can learn more about them. #sharingthebestrecipes

why I created this site.

Food is fun. . . or at least it should be. I'm kind of fanatical about it! I want to build a mouth-watering food community based on recipes that are; clean eating, cozy comfort food, allergy friendly recipes, easy yet gourmet, but also sometimes unapologetically decadent. To collectively aggregate and share some of the best food photography from food bloggers. #diversityiskey

It is my hope that this website will help people to personalize and tailor it in a way that inspires them to cook. Additionally, I believe that this is a great tool to discover new food bloggers. Most of my food blogger relationships all started with the click of a photo. My friends constantly tag me in photos because they think I will like the recipe, and it turns me onto a whole new food blogger and then all their food circles...and on it continues. It's also a place where fellow food bloggers can build new relationships. When food bloggers are happy and successful, I'm happy. . . .please keep cooking a sharing with us. #letsinspireeachother